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Privacy policy

Hias aims for information security and privacy to be a natural part of the business. Personal information about employees and partners shall be treated with respect and care, and secured with regard to confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Hias does not collect or store information about customers or about the relationship with customers.

When external actors process personal data on behalf of Hias, clear requirements are set for the processing of the data. Data processor agreements are therefore entered into with all data processors to regulate and clarify the relationship of responsibility and authority between the parties.

Hias only stores personal information for as long as is necessary, or as long as the business is required to file it in accordance with the law.

With the exception of necessary information that is shared with NAV, trade unions, pension providers, insurance companies and the occupational health service, personal information that Hias processes is not shared with outside third parties.

On request, you can see if Hias has registered any personal information about you. If the information is not correct or relevant, you can request that it be deleted.

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