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Our story started with a heavily eutrophicated lake and a governmental funded action plan, «Save the lake Mjøsa» back in the 1970’s. A pillar in the NOK 1,4 billion action plan was the foundation of the utility Hias IKS and the construction of Hias WWTP in 1974. Ever since, Hias IKS has been a frontrunner among Norwegian utilities in adopting and successfully installing state of the art technology. Hias IKS co-developed and installed the first ever Cambi THP in the 1990’s and a CBG upgrade plant in the 2010’s.  When the retrofit with the Hias Process and nutrient recovery is completed in 2021, the Hias WRRF will be among the most cost-efficient, compact, circular and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment plants globally.


Hias is a trueborn child of the utility Hias IKS. Our inheritance is 40+ years of operational experience and a unique ability to develop, adapt and implement technology and concepts.

Our unique team is combining 40+ years of practical experience with scientific knowledge. Our approach always involves assessment of current state of the art and testing under real operating conditions. With our Customer Focused Innovations, we develop technology and concepts with low lifetime costs and future-proof environmental footprint.


Hias is owned by 4 Norwegian municipalities and Hias IKS. Markets in focus are the Nordics, Germany and US/Canada.

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Company Values

Hias Company Values

Meet The Team

Anders Øfsti

Anders T.Øfsti

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«Working together for a better future»

General Manager

Phone +47 47 32 70 92

Email anders.ofsti@hias.no

Torgeir Saltnes

Torgeir Saltnes

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«You can be serious without a suit»

Senior Process Engineer

Phone +47 48 13 26 92

Email torgeir.saltnes@hias.no

Lars Bergmann

Lars Bergmann

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«Tailoring the Hias process to your needs»

Business Development Manager

Phone +49 172 34 11 305

Email lars.bergmann@hias.no

Board of directors

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Eli Sætersmoen

Chair of the board

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Egil Holmsen

Sven Egil Holmsen

Member of the board

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Knut Måløy

Knut Måløy

Member of the board

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