World Premiere: Animation of the Hias®-Process

🚀 Finally! We are happy to announce that the animation of our Hias®-Technology is now available. Click on the video and experience the unique functionality of the world's most compact biological nutrient removal technology.

With our resilient and most compact #BNR technology, we meet stringent effluent requirements with ultra-low CAPEX, OPEX , TOTEX and a significant reduction of the #co2footprint. We help you to intensify your wastewater treatment plant and are able to generate vacant volume for stormwater management.


✔ World‘s most compact biological nutrient removal technology

✔ Intensification by utilizing existing volumes:

✔ at least double capacity

✔ stormwater events


✔ PO4-P < 0,2 mg/L without chemical precipitation

✔ Unique resilience in case of stormwater events and seasonality



✔ No to minimal use of precipitation chemicals

✔ Optimized CO2-Footprint

✔ > 95% P-recovery potential

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